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How We Create a Deeper Candidate Pool

By Keith Harper Hiring the right candidate starts well before the interview stage. Utilizing the right targeting strategy ensures we are able to fill the pipeline with the types of candidates that our clients will actually want to hire. Here are just some best practices for candidate targeting: Invest in the Right Technology Tools   Want… Read more »

Debunking “The Holiday Hiring Freeze Myth”

By Keith Harper We’ve all heard “The Holiday Hiring Myth” before: The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a traditional downtime for hiring managers. Bah Humbug! Here’s why: Openings Need to Be Filled: Businesses do not take vacations, only their employees do. While there is definite downtick in activity in certain seasonal industries, overall… Read more »

Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

By Keith Harper You’ve submitted your resume for a job.  The Reviewer of your resume is impressed and requests an interview.   You now have your one chance to make a “first impression.” How you prepare, approach and carry out the next several steps associated with the interview will likely determine whether or not you are… Read more »

Axelon Services Demonstrates Staffing Expertise as Exhibitor at CWS Summit in Las Vegas, NV

By Keith Harper Axelon Services Corp., a leading global staffing provider, demonstrated its expertise in supporting Vendor Management System (VMS) based requirements as an exhibitor at the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Summit.  The conference was held Oct. 8-9 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mirage Hotel & Casino. The Contingent Workforce Strategies… Read more »

The Many Must-Haves of Crafting a Killer Resume

In this ultra-competitive job market, your resume is the single most important asset you have for your job search. What can you do to ensure your resume will help you generate interest and interviews? Here are some tips that recruiters here at Axelon, a national staffing company, provide to our candidates seeking job placement: Include… Read more »

How Staffing Agencies Can Better Mitigate Risk for Clients

Even if, by definition, a Contingent Workforce is temporary, it is a mistake to consider that there are neither legal requirements nor risks involved for the client. Speaking with various clients and prospects, I am noticing increasing interest in the topic of risk mitigation for companies that rely on a Contingent Workforce provided by a… Read more »

NEGATIVE RETURNS: What Bad Hires Really Cost

When hiring a new employee, how much does a bad hire cost your company? Turns out, it can be rather expensive. According to a survey released by CareerBuilder, more than half of the employers from the world’s ten largest economies reported that they have experienced a bad hire. In the US, the rate is even higher:… Read more »

Five Tips for Improving Your Job Descriptions

Want better candidates? Write better job descriptions. Competing for top talent today requires more than cutting-and-tweaking the same old job ads. Here are five tips for writing job descriptions that will help your staffing agency attract more hard-to-find needles in the online hiring haystack. Stop Copying from Competitors It can take up to a few… Read more »