Five Tips for Improving Your Job Descriptions


Want better candidates? Write better job descriptions.

Competing for top talent today requires more than cutting-and-tweaking the same old job ads.

Here are five tips for writing job descriptions that will help your staffing agency attract more hard-to-find needles in the online hiring haystack.

Stop Copying from Competitors

It can take up to a few hours to write a really compelling job description, so it may be tempting to “borrow” someone else’s ad. DON’T DO IT! Instead, force yourself to write unique copy from scratch. It will help you write more distinctive job descriptions, in a voice that captures the tone of your company. When considering your ad alongside several others, you want candidates to give you points for originality.

Add More Details

Vague job descriptions never generate much excitement. Chuck the hyperbole and drill down into the DNA of the position. Really connect with ideal candidates by providing more specific info on roles and responsibilities, and in a jargon they’ll respect. If you don’t have those details at your fingertips, it’s worth doubling back and doing a bit more research. The more you know, the easier it is to write copy.

Highlight the Culture

Chances are when seeking a Senior Java Developer 1, the technical section of your job description is going to read similar to the hundreds of other Java Developer ads floating around online. However, distinguish your ad from the crowd by including details on the culture and atmosphere, especially if your company really is one of those “Great Places to Work” we read so much about.

Promote the Perqs

With so many companies skimping on benefits these days, let your potential new hires know about the low cost of your healthcare plan, the extra vacation days they’ll get, or the lucrative profit-sharing program. Even if you don’t have any of that, things like employee rewards programs, gym memberships, massage therapy, company events, or even free lunches every once in awhile can leave a lasting impression.

Praise Your Team

Everyone wants to play for the Yankees. The Albuquerque Mud Demons? Well, not so much. If you have some heavy hitters on your staff, let potential candidates know. Won awards? Put it in there. Low turn-over? Let ‘em hear about it. Top performers want reassurance that they’re taking their talents to the right team.

Obviously, craft professional, grammatically sound, well-formatted and accurate job descriptions. However, use the tips above and make the extra effort to create job ads that distinguish your company amongst competitors, and set you apart as a hiring manager.

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