Award-winning Axelon Services

Award after award, third-party organizations recognize Axelon Services and its leadership for delivering the highest quality contingent workforce services.

To drive real business results, a staffing firm must combine high-touch client service with proven market experience and the latest recruitment technologies. Axelon Services’ staffing solutions bring together these critical elements to transform your workforce into a reliable, productive asset.

But don’t take our word for it!

Numerous third-party organizations — such as Johnson & Johnson, March of Dimes, and others — have recognized Axelon for delivering some of the very best work in the staffing industry. The awards we’ve received prove our reputation among the pros—and show you exactly where to turn for your workforce needs. These awards include:

2017 CWS Summit Hackathon Winner

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2011 Volt Consulting Group Supplier Excellence Award

Volt Consulting GroupClick Here to Learn More


2010 Diversity Business Award

Click Here to Learn MoreDiversity Business


2009 Johnson & Johnson Quality of Service/Stewardship Recognition

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2009 ProcureStaff Excellence Award

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2009 March of Dimes Charitable Contribution Recognition

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2007 Johnson & Johnson Service Excellence Award

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2002 NYC Board of Education “Friends of Manhattan High Schools” Award

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2016-2020 Workforce Logiq Proven Performer

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