2010 Diversity Business Award: “Top 2010 Business”

Axelon Services Corp. was named a “Top 2010 Business” by DiversityBusiness.com, the nation’s primary resource portal for small businesses and large organizational buyers (i.e., Fortune 102010 Diversity Business Award Graphic00 Companies, Government Agencies and College/Universities). It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.

Study after study shows people prefer to do business with experienced and successful companies. Each year DiversityBusiness.com collects and compiles the ‘Top Business List’ on a State and National basis. The data is used to determine the top businesses and the most successful entrepreneur’s across the United States. These businesses and individuals become part of our Div50 awards program. Making the list provides significant media exposure and puts their company names in front of Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies and College/Universities looking to do business with Women, Diversity and Small businesses.

Axelon Services Corporation is proud to receive the 2010 Diversity Business Award and we thank DiversityBusiness.com.

To learn more about Axelon Services or to request a consultation and explore how Axelon can provide your organization with more high-quality candidates faster than any other contingent workforce provider, call us 877.711.8700 or email info@axelon.com.