Fostering a Commitment to the Environment

In an effort to provide more efficient and eco-friendly services, Axelon Services Corp. offices have implemented several “green initiatives” to reduce the environmental impact on our planet. The environment belongs to all of us, and we each have a responsibility to ensure its well-being.

During Work Processes

Paperless on-boarding program

  • We have developed both processes and implemented an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that enable recruiters to on-board all contractors in an electronic format.
  • We store all data in a digital format that is more secure and avoids paper.
  • We allow contractors to upload necessary documents via Internet and/or smart phone applications that take pictures and email them to us.

Electronic paycheck and payroll program

  • We offer all our employees to be paid through direct deposit, and more than 90% of them have opted for this solution.

Main fax line is paperless

  • Our main office fax line has been converted into an electronic solution, where fax received are directly registered digitally and forwarded via emails.

On-line application process

  • Applicants can apply for positions through a web portal, ensuring a paper-free process.
  • Our recruiters acquire profiles from applicants in a format that is exclusively electronic, and not paper-based.

E-procurement with customers

  • We procure all of our clients with a paper-free process.
  • We offer all of our clients a paperless invoice system. Billing is automated seamlessly from timesheets to electronic approvals from Clients, and no invoice is issued.


Energy-saving Initiatives

  • We enforce a policy to switch off lights and computers that are not necessary during and after work hours.
  • In the very near future, we will implement movement sensors to ensure lights automatically shut off when there is no one in the room.
  • All windows in our offices are equipped with shades to minimize the need for A/C during summer months.
  • We selected our current office locations in a building that shuts downs elevators during hot months to reduce the energy consumption.
  • Our offices utilize energy-efficient lighting.


Recycling Initiatives

  • Our offices are equipped with small garbage bins to serve for compost only and are situated by larger garbage bins used for paper only.
  • Our employees are required to deposit aluminum cans and plastic bottles in a dedicated recycling bin centrally located in the office cafeteria.
  • Our employees are encouraged to bring their mugs, plates and cutlery to reduce the use of paper and plastic. Storage space for these items is available for all employees.
  • All print cartridges are recycled after use.
  • A recycling bin for plastic materials is labeled accordingly and centrally located in our offices.
  • Our back-office employees print necessary reports front-and-back to minimize the consumption of paper.


Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiatives

  • We utilize a SaaS (software as a service) solution for data storage.
  • We locate our servers in data/server centers that implement energy savings initiatives.
  • We located our office in Downtown New York City to make public transportation or bike commuting possible and convenient for our employees.
  • We participate in the TransitChek program, where employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for their commuting, thereby encouraging the use of public transportation.