Debunking “The Holiday Hiring Freeze Myth”

By Keith Harper We’ve all heard “The Holiday Hiring Myth” before: The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a traditional downtime for hiring managers. Bah Humbug! Here’s why: Openings Need to Be Filled: Businesses do not take vacations, only their employees do. While there is definite downtick in activity in certain seasonal industries, overall… Read more »

Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

By Keith Harper You’ve submitted your resume for a job.  The Reviewer of your resume is impressed and requests an interview.   You now have your one chance to make a “first impression.” How you prepare, approach and carry out the next several steps associated with the interview will likely determine whether or not you are… Read more »

The Many Must-Haves of Crafting a Killer Resume

In this ultra-competitive job market, your resume is the single most important asset you have for your job search. What can you do to ensure your resume will help you generate interest and interviews? Here are some tips that recruiters here at Axelon, a national staffing company, provide to our candidates seeking job placement: Include… Read more »