Searching for someone? Most likely, we’ve already found them.

It’s not easy to find talented professionals with the right skills and the right experience. Axelon can tap our database of thousands of available, talented individuals to pinpoint an exact match to your requirements. Avoid the time, expense and headaches of searching for your ideal candidate by partnering with Axelon.

The Axelon Advantage

Receive Quality Candidates, Faster.

We use the latest technologies to solve today’s staffing challenges. By combining process automation with high-touch services, we deliver better results, faster – and at a lower cost.

Access nearly 30 million candidates.

Searching for talent? Axelon has literally millions of talented professionals in its database, refreshing the active pool by thousands daily – as well as the technology to identify candidates with best matching skills, even for those tough-to-find skills.

Benefit from over 40 years of experience.

Founded in 1977, Axelon has a proven track record in the staffing industry, leveraging more than three decades of experience. Since its inception and throughout its history, Axelon has invested heavily in its human capital and its technology assets to position itself as a leading performer in staff augmentation.

Save time and money.

Adjust your workforce to demand with flexible contingent resources. Our tools and time-proven techniques for searching, securing, screening and submitting will help you shrink your staffing cycle and deliver quality candidates faster.

Find talent for tough-to-fill jobs.

We work 100% of the job requirements we get in the scope of our service agreement. We mandate among our teams and within our processes to never abandon a validated requirement until it is filled.

Eliminate bad resumes.

Patented search tools ensure we work on high-quality candidates that closely match your staffing criteria.  We don’t waste time with bad matches. That’s staffing at the speed of insight.

Search for improvement.

Never content to retain the status quo, Axelon has developed systems, processes and software to maximize process automation for cost control, continuously accumulates candidate resumes to cover a wider array of job requirements, leverages new technologies to accelerate the identification of the best profile for a particular job, and deploys training programs to help us improve our performance and expertise.

Meet your diversity goals.

As a woman-owned business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and other leading organizations, Axelon can help you meet your diversity objectives. For more information, see our Diversity page.

Streamline staffing.

Leverage our VMS and MSP experience to ease large-scale staffing needs. Benefit from Axelon’s capabilities to scale-up by leveraging its process-smart organization and training programs that allow the deployment of more resources when demand increases.

Offload management functions.

From onboarding to background checks to payroll administration – Axelon handles it all so you can focus on business.

  • Business & Technical Staff Augmentation
  • Customized Project Solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Direct Hire
  • Workforce Management Solutions

Compare Axelon to the others.

For staffing at the speed of insight, call Axelon.