The Axelon Advantage

From Search to Submission to Satisfaction – we go beyond what the others do.

Compare Axelon’s proven process against the others’. They just don’t match up.

Competitive Checklist



Patented “Search by Years of Relevant Experience” capability checkmark question
Access to nearly 30 million candidates checkmark question
Searches not limited to job boards checkmark question
Rapid responses and resource submissions checkmark question
Single point of contact for fast, knowledgeable service checkmark checkmark
Critical resume review checkmark question
Precise technical testing checkmark question
Placement guarantees checkmark question
Pointed reference checks checkmark question
Criminal background checks checkmark question
Drug screening checkmark checkmark
Education verification checkmark checkmark
Orientation assistance checkmark checkmark
Employment history validation checkmark checkmark
Multiple candidate submittals checkmark checkmark
Embrace vendor neutral environments checkmark question
All candidates fully qualified upon submittal checkmark question
We work 100% of validated job reqs until fulfillment checkmark question

It’s not that our competitors don’t try to do what we do – they simply can’t.  That’s the Axelon advantage!