Axelon’s CCPA Privacy Policy

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4th floor, Suite 401

New York, NY 10005

Effective Date: 01/20/2021

Consumers’ Rights Under the CCPA

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), a company meeting certain criteria must provide privacy policies which outline California consumers’ privacy-related rights, and the obligations of the company thereto.

Axelon Services, Inc. believes in transparency and privacy protection for consumers, and as such, Axelon Services, Inc. will, in the below privacy policy, clarify the privacy norms and rules that govern Axelon Services, Inc.’s business practices and the rights of individuals affected by Axelon Services, Inc.’s business practices under the CCPA.

Axelon Services, Inc. does not sell personal data.

Data Privacy Context

Axelon Services, Inc. is a leading global staffing supplier. To fill job orders for clients, Axelon Services, Inc. uses a platform called JobDiva.

In the course of their usage of JobDiva’s tools, Axelon Services, Inc. might receive resumes from applicants, receive resumes by referrals, access resumes on job boards and other resume sources to which Axelon subscribes, or obtain resumes through other legal means, and then store and use those resumes to reach out to available candidates, when relevant openings arise. Axelon Services, Inc. might then use that information to track the candidate’s progress through the recruitment lifecycle, such as interview and hire; the JobDiva platform also provides the technological capabilities to redact candidate information, should the candidate request as much.

Axelon Services, Inc. pledges to leverage the candidate and business contact data which they collect for business purposes only—not to sell data, and not to create revenue by means of this data, but only to find jobs for candidates and fill job requisitions for clients.

Consumers whose information has been collected in the form of cookies may request actions relative to that data from Axelon Services, Inc. If consumers’ information has been collected by means of JobDiva (e.g., through job boards), requests for action should be sent to, who is responsible for the disposition of the data in question.

Information Requests Under the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) helps protect the personal and sensitive data of all consumers, including but not limited to, California consumers. All consumers, including California consumers, can email Axelon Services, Inc. at or contact Roseann Hamilton at 212-306-0135 to request the following, which Axelon Services, Inc. will supply to you as quickly as possible, usually within one business day:

  • The type of personal information that Axelon Services, Inc. has collected about you, if any
  • The means of collecting that information, if applicable
  • The reasons for collecting that information, if applicable
  • The third parties, if any, with whom that information has been shared (usually not applicable)
  • The specific details related to you which Axelon Services, Inc. has collected, if applicable
  • While it is not applicable nor it is part of the Axelon Services, Inc. offering or its clients’, we will share with you any sales or revenue-related disclosures of your data to other parties

When you contact Axelon Services, Inc. about your information, or about data pertaining to you, you must clearly explain the action you would like Axelon Services, Inc. to make in respect of your data—data access, portability (the ability to retrieve the data Axelon Services, Inc. holds) or deletion. In order to perform any of these actions and receive your data, you must share with Axelon Services, Inc. sufficient personal information for us to verify your identity.

Axelon Services, Inc. pledges not to discriminate against you based on your exercise of your rights under the CCPA.

Information Collected by Means of Axelon

  1. Information Axelon Services, Inc. Collects. Axelon Services, Inc. collects cookies—text files saved to a user’s browser when browsing a website. Axelon Services, Inc. collects resumes and resume-related data, such as job experience and phone number, from job boards, aggregators and similar sources.
  • What Are Cookies? Cookies help Axelon Services, Inc. analyze visitors’ traffic to the Axelon website.
  • Information for Business Purposes: Via JobDiva, Inc.’s products and services, Axelon Services, Inc. can acquire, store and use the data of individuals such as job candidates, customers, business contacts, prospects and third parties. Job applicants can also use JobDiva, Inc.’s products to send Axelon Services, Inc. their resumes, CVs, on-boarding documents and further forms of personal information. Axelon Services, Inc. can collect candidates’ resumes from job boards and job aggregators using the JobDiva platform; any information Axelon Services, Inc. collects has already been made available publicly via such sources. The JobDiva platform also stores communications between candidates/applicants/clients and Axelon Services, Inc.’s team members. The JobDiva platform also makes it possible for Axelon Services, Inc. to leverage stored candidate and contacts information in order to contact those candidates and contacts for business purposes, such as open jobs. Axelon Services, Inc. pledges to use the information they control solely for business purposes and only so long as they are relevant for such purposes.

Generally, Axelon Services, Inc. might store the following types of personal data of consumers:

  • Name
  • Legal Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Company
  • Work experience
  • Educational experience
  • Email communications between Axelon Services, Inc. and consumers/business contacts
  • Notes regarding consumers

The Disclosure of Personal Data

Axelon Services, Inc. does not disclose personal data to third parties/vendors.

As far as the JobDiva platform, JobDiva, Inc. engages third parties to physically host JobDiva, Inc.’s servers, but this does not enable the third party access to the data nor does it entail the direct disclosure of personal information to the third parties which JobDiva engages for hosting purposes. JobDiva, Inc. additionally uses the latest encryption technology to transfer protected information. JobDiva, Inc. staff is obliged by employee agreements to secure the privacy of any data to which they may have access, if applicable.