Debunking “The Holiday Hiring Freeze Myth”


By Keith Harper

We’ve all heard “The Holiday Hiring Myth” before: The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a traditional downtime for hiring managers.

Bah Humbug!

Here’s why:

Openings Need to Be Filled: Businesses do not take vacations, only their employees do. While there is definite downtick in activity in certain seasonal industries, overall there are plenty of openings that need to be filled across the board, right now.

Budget $$$ Need to Spent: As 2014 winds down, many hiring managers need to use-or-lose budget appropriations or default those roster spots. In fact, well before the ball falls, recruiters are rushing to accommodate last-minute requests, which often accelerates hiring cycles.

Not Everyone is on Vacation: Sure, vacations get in the way of interviews, decisions and onboarding. But there are no hiring freezes and not everyone is away. Moreover, especially as we move into December, the pace at many companies slows, so there is more time for interviews and hiring discussions.

Less Competition: With more candidates resigned to wait until January, those who are actively interviewing will find less competition. So let the others sit back enjoy the holidays, while you make new connections.

Not Everyone Celebrates the Holidays: More companies these days minimize observance of holidays, mainly because business is too competitive. Meanwhile, international companies are even less distracted by American corporate holiday traditions.

My advice is get started now. Use the lull during the holiday season to refresh your resume, polish your pitch and make new connections with recruiters. Also, professional associations often have year-end celebrations, presenting an ideal opportunity to network for new opportunities.

While “The Holiday Hiring Myth” is way overblown, January is the most competitive time to look for a new job. So getting started now is a good idea to beat the post-holiday rush.

From all of us here at Axelon Services, I wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

Keith Harper is a Managing Director at Axelon Services Corp. Keith began his career at Axelon Services in 1998 and consistently produced record-setting profits. Having joined the firm as an IT recruiter, he quickly rose through the ranks and today leads the highest revenue generating division at Axelon. He directs key accounts such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, BNP Paribas, TD Bank and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. He has built a high-performing team of talented and dedicated recruiters and account managers, to whom he provides hands-on training and guidance.

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