What’s Axelon’s Secret to Staffing Success?


Axelon Services Corporation was recently selected as a 2017 ZeroChaos Proven Performer for the second consecutive year. We talked to Axelon’s Chief Operating Officer, Cynthia Lah, about what this important honor means for Axelon’s future, how staffing companies can work toward becoming Proven Performers, Axelon’s staffing philosophy, and more.

Q: What is most exciting about being selected as a ZeroChaos Proven Performer for the second year in a row?

A: Being able to expand our business through ZeroChaos. This will give us access to new accounts—and also create opportunity within accounts we already have.

Q: It’s our second consecutive year. What does that mean for us?

A: It shows we’ve been able to expand and strengthen the business we already have with ZeroChaos clients. To be on this list two years in a row is a huge honor.

Q: How did the first year of being a ZeroChaos Proven Performer benefit us?

A: It’s given us a lot of exposure. We’ve been added to additional lists. The relationships we’ve developed within ZeroChaos’s program have been tremendous, and they’ve benefited us greatly. This is a designation that any staffing company should strive for, because it propels everything forward—our marketing, our presence on client lists, and our relationship with this MSP.

Q: In a sense of friendly competition, how would you advise other staffing companies who want to get on the Proven Performer list?

A: We probably got on the list because we service all of our clients’ needs and work on all of the positions they give to us. We work on them until they close. We don’t pick and choose based on where we can make more of a profit. That’s one of the things that makes Axelon unique. A lot of companies don’t do that, especially working through an MSP. They don’t adjust their profiles—they are set up to receive all positions so they can pick and choose which jobs to work on.  That is not what clients want us to do. They want us to work on whatever we say we can. They want us to deliver.

Q: And that’s been Axelon’s method for a while?

A: Yes. We are a recruiting-based organization, so our focus is to support each client with recruiting the best candidates for all their positions. Our structure supports a blind process with an MSP, multiple recruiters for each account—as opposed to having more sales people meeting with each hiring manager. This way, we focus more on the recruiting aspect, because once we bring an account in through an MSP, we’re working on all of it. That’s where the opportunity is: being able to respond to everything gets you more placements rather than waiting for certain positions to come in.

Q: What does the future look like for Axelon?

A: More growth. More awards. Hopefully some of the other MSPs will follow ZeroChaos’s lead and establish similar programs. The department they’ve put together to monitor their suppliers does something that other MSPs are doing on each account, but ZeroChaos has centralized it in a way that actually makes a significant difference for us. They are able to identify the good performers because it is all measured evenly across accounts. The metrics are more streamlined and centralized. This is going to be very beneficial going forward. We’re going to get a lot more business out of this, I believe.

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